Caring for your family

As we reach the time of becoming a support of care for our parents and helping them to live as they age, we can make things easier on ourselves by learning from others.

Here are 10 tips from others who know what we are going through:


Now you need a Caregiver.

Elderly, diabetes, cancer, we even have weekly columns on Practical, Professional, Spousal and Spiritual care giving, as well as online forums and links to other helpful sites.


Hospital Discharge Assistance

PROCASA understands how critical a well-planned hospital discharge can be.

Our hospital discharge services help get clients safely home from a facility, easing back into daily routines as health conditions allow. Getting back home after a medical procedure, surgery, or illness, can be a challenging process, with heaps of paperwork, hospital discharge instructions, medication requirements, and various follow up appointments.


Care of the elderly

Q. My mother is 73, and her driving is getting scary. We have been asking her to give up the keys, but she won’t do it. Any suggestions on how to handle this?

A. Here are some questions driving experts recommend asking older motorists to determine if they are still road-worthy:


Caregivers can assist athletes with Sports Injuries

Accidents in the sport field are common in South Africa and athletes and others who frequently engage in sports are even more likely to befall injury. Home-based Caregivers are worth their weight in gold when the average able-bodied person finds him or herself in need of care after an injury.


After Surgery Home Care

When a surgery, treatment, or procedure is required, getting it scheduled and working through the logistics can get involved and complicated. The PROCASA Care giving Service is fully customizable and completely flexible to make our clients comfortable and provide peace of mind to loved ones who worry from afar.